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Composed by updated Titanium and ultra light Graphite material, PRO ACE innovated Titanium racket is applied the Super Swing Power design and weighs only 250gs. The Titanium material is extremely hard and therefore can have accuracy on your control. The Titanium racket features the ultra light Swing weight which can enhance maneuverability and generate ultimate swing power at the same time. The 115.2sq in oversize head allows maximum Sweet Spot which helps you have a perfect performance even in your mis-hit. The profile is 28 m/m and available with 27.5"and 28" length in Black/Silver or Blue/Black/Silver color.

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Provides maximum torsional stability. Tapered Beam combines racket head stability and power. With tapered shaft flex for feel and can improve accuracy and control. Its head size is 101.7sq in and profile is 21/23 m/m. Available with Blue/Silver or Red/Silver color.

Features an 110sq in oversize head for a larger powerful hitting area and Sweet Spot. The 23 m/m Beam provides consistent all around flex. Combines excellent feel, control and power.

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Provides higher Sweet Spot and Swing Power, easy to play and increase serving power. Tapered Beam combines stability and power with control. Accurate hitting surface and tapered shaft flex for comfort. It is with 107sq in head size and 23/26 m/m profile.
110sq in oversize head for a larger powerful hitting area and Sweet Spot and easy to play with top quality performance. The 23 m/m Profile provides consistent all around flex. Available with Orange /White or Blue/White color.

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Composed by Aluminum and Graphite material, the racket offers good playability with outstanding value. It also features the Jointless design with head size 105sq in and profile 25mm. It has three various color: Blue/Black, Yellow/Black, or Red/Black.  

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The rackets are constructed from high-grade, fracture-resistant aluminum and still favored by thousands who love Tennis Sports worldwide. It is with 95sq in head size and 23 m/m profile in Blue/Silver or Red/Silver color.

The graphite composed Junior racket has 25" long or 26" long with a mid-plus head size 100sq in and 23 m/m profile. It is strung at optimum tension for consistent playability and suitable for young players. Available with Blue or with Yellow color.

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The Junior Rackets are carefully designed with a young players' physical development and playing ability in mind. It is designed with 93sq in head size and 20 m/m profile. This series light weight junior rackets come in three sizes (21", 23", 25") to ensure a perfect fit for younger players. This series has Red/White color and Blue color for your selection.

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